About me

I grew up drawing and painting in the foothills of the Pennines bordering South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

After qualifying as an art teacher, I spent a few years travelling with my sketchbooks and devoting myself to young people as a Youth Worker, before returning to teaching. I also designed company logos, illustrated publications, created table plans, sold quick caricatures at charity functions and produced hundreds of portraits.

As Artist in Residence at the Attic at the Goat community art studio in the middle of Bournemouth, I combined private commissions with teaching, inspiring and motivating students from secondary school age to well into their 80’s. I intend to continue teaching till I match them in age, or can’t hold a paintbrush any more.

I love all things Art, but my passion is portraiture. Capturing the personality and mood of the sitter, whether working from life or photos, is more important to me than creating a photographic likeness, but my aim is to achieve a top-quality resemblance, and my clients are invariably delighted with the results. Contact me to arrange a sitting or consultation.